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What type of oil does a BMW 325i use?

What type of oil does a BMW 325i use? I belong to the automotive engineering  university. I learned here:

If the viscosity of the oil is too high, the flow rate necessary for the engine will be lost (“sticking” to the orifice), the pressure of the oil will not increase. The pump may also be disassembled (a lot of effort is necessary to move the oil).

If the oil is too moist, there is no lubrication

What type of oil does a BMW 325i use?

Oil must be sufficiently moist to flow and must be sufficiently viscous to protect the engine.

Why I do not know all manufacturers (most of them) need 5W30.

We recommend 5 W 30 for 1.4 L engine of OK, 70 Bhp, 5 L 30 recommended for turbo diesel 2.0 L, 5 W 30 for 2 cylinder turbocharger gasoline engine of over 300 bhp.

Diesel fuel => 300 ° C (exhaust gas)

Gasoline => 900 ℃ (exhaust gas)

Why do they recommend the same oil?

In my opinion, the 5W 30 is a weak oil.

For ordinary cars (80-200 bhp), everyone should use at least 5W40. For those unknown, 5 represents the viscosity at cold start (0 ° C.), W represents winter, and 40 is the viscosity at 100 ° C.

0 W is recommended for temperatures of -40 ° C (or higher, not known exactly) degrees.

5 W is recommended up to -30 ° C

10 W is recommended for temperatures up to -25 ° C

We recommend 15 W for engines with high wear

High performance oil has 0 W 40 or 5 W 50 or 10 W 60. BMW recommends the Castrol Edge Sport Titanium 10W 60 for the M model.


This is because when the car is actively driven (at high rpm), it provides extra protection and lubrication. This is a 3.0 L gasoline engine, meaning that if you actively drive, the oil is not enough and the engine consumes.

I am using 10W60 sports with a 1.6L gasoline engine on the Audi A3 but after 5500 rpm the sound is good and the response is good and there was no problem at the last 30 thousand kilometers.

I am using 5W 30. To maintain my warranty is a new car, but after that I will use the performance oil. It gives more lubricant and lubrication is the life of the engine.

This is easy. BMW has specific regulations and standards for oil demand.

First of all, we need the correct weight (or thickness). With this car, BMW recommends 5w 30 oil. As this is a common oil, it must be easy to find the oil for your car.

Secondly, the correct requirement is needed. This means that you need to check how BMW works with the engine and what quality oil additives are included in the oil. For this car, BMW needs oil quality of “LL – 01”. When buying oil, please look at the “Meet the BMW LL – 01” bottle. If you find this in a bottle, you should go!

Castrol is a good choice

Castrol is a good choice

If there is excessive oil consumption, please make it slightly thicker (0 W 30 in case of ideal engine, 0 W 40 in case of small quantity of oil lacking engine). If you live in hot weather you can also use 5W instead of 0W.

If you use other things, please confirm that you are approved by BMW LL. (For example, BMW LL 04).


How much does it cost to replace a BMW windshield?

How much does it cost to replace a BMW windshield? – Depending on the windshield, brand, makeup, model type, the windshield replacement cost of 2017 – 2018 is about $ 200 to $ 500 on average. Most or all of that will be paid by your insurance company.

Most people do not know that Arizona state insurance companies actually offer automobile glass insurance. Your windshield can be replaced completely for free. T & S Auto Glass works very closely with most auto insurance companies and helps to assist with automobile glass claims.
Does my insurance cover the cost of repairing or replacing the windshield?

Many vehicle owners often do not know that an insurance company covers some or all of the cost of repair or replacement. T & S Auto Glass works with virtually all major car insurance companies. We will help you submit a complaint regarding windshield repair or windshield replacement.

Please see the options below:

Windshield is repairable

1. The windshield is repairable

How much does it cost to replace a BMW windshield

In most cases, the insurance company will pay for the windshield tip to be repaired. In other words, you can schedule a windshield repair at home or concentrate on the office. The damage will be repaired with little or no problem. Windshield can not be repaired

2. I need to replace the windshield

If you are in insurance, we will cover the cost of replacing the windshield, if not all of it. If there are cracks or serious damage that can not be repaired, it must be replaced. The amount you pay depends on your deduction, your policy, and whether there is a state that your vehicle is insured.

Do I have to pay an additional fee to repair or replace the windshield?

Some insurance companies will claim the deductible amount according to the amount of damages and the type of vehicle they possess. Please bear the amount that your insurance does not cover.

Cost of windshield replacement and repair: payment from pocket

If you choose to pay the automobile glass repair fee, you will have to replace the windshield because there is no automobile glass cover.
How much is the windshield cost?

The cost of windshield is $ 180 to $ 1,000 depending on the year, manufacturer and model of the vehicle.

What you need to custom make rare front windows or classic, vintage, or collectible cars will cost more.

In some states like Arizona, car insurance companies need to bear the windshield replacement costs. People in other states can choose additional premiums in the windshield and raise the monthly premium a little. This eliminates the need to pay the deduction amount when the windshield needs to be replaced.

What factors will affect the cost of the new windshield?

What factors will affect the cost of the new windshield

Several factors affect the cost of the new windshield. The most important factor in the cost of replacement windshields is the type of vehicle.
Exchange for authorized distributors only

Several types of windshields are only available through dealerships. This is common among luxury cars in particular. If you own BMW, Lexus, or Mercedes, the replacement glass needs to be ordered from the dealer.

Necessary labor

A new car is equipped with excellent technology that makes driving even more secure. Some of the technologies such as lane departure warning, brake assist technology, rain sensor, wiper park area, condensation sensor etc. are attached to the windshield.

These sensors are attached to the replacement windshield without being removed many times. The cost of the sensor is part of what can make the price of windshields fairly high from several hundred dollars.

Vehicles around 2007 and beyond do not have these types of sensors or new technologies, and generally do not cost exchanges. Vehicles produced after 2008 or newer ones are equipped with various technologies and are necessary for the vehicle to operate normally.

Replacing aftermarket and OEM

Another major factor in exchanging something on a vehicle including the windshield is when you purchase parts from the original equipment manufacturer. This is not an option for people with luxury goods and performance models, but it is optional for most passenger cars.

OEM substitutes are qualified by DOT to comply with industry standards and are almost indistinguishable from windshields installed at the factory.

The aftermarket windshield is cheap as much as several hundred dollars. These glass companies do not have contracts with car manufacturers and may be different from OEM windshields. When using aftermarket glass, the thickness of the glass, the type of sensor, the level of shade, etc. may differ.

This will take extra time, so it will take some time. Convertible vehicles also require a lot of time to replace the windshield unlike regular vehicles.


How to check BMW transmission fluid?

How to check BMW transmission fluid? – Driving around Manhattan, the Bronx and Queens, your car needs a regular TLC to keep you healthy, to keep running in excellent condition for years.

One of the most important elements in seamlessly maintaining your car’s transmission is to ensure that the transmission fluid is clean and fresh. Although it is unnecessary to replace the transmission fluid by the amount of oil change, we recommend checking the transmission fluid frequently. Our team here at BMW in Manhattan has compiled this useful guide to check your transmission fluid so we can perform this quick check at home. If you need service on your vehicle, please schedule a reservation using this online form.

1. Grab a white rug

The only supplement required for this check is a white cloth or towel so you can clearly see the color of the liquid on the cloth. In some cases, you may want to keep the owner’s manual on standby if necessary.

2. Engine warm-up

The best time to do a liquid check on the transmission, after your car has been driven for at least a few minutes, the fluid is nice and warm, so you can get the most accurate reading. While you are checking, I will leave the engine running, but of course, please make sure that the car is parked.

How to check BMW transmission fluid

3. Lift the hood and find a dip stick

Open the car hood and find the transmission gauge – there is a difference for each car so you may need the owner’s manual to check the position of the stick.

4. Check the liquid

Please pull out the dip stick and wipe it well with your white blur. Please check the color and concentration and pay attention to strong smell (However, please do not bring the nose to liquid or sniff a big smell). Are you ready for the news?

Healthy Fluid: Transmission fluid is red to light brown and clean if there is no noticeable smell.
Oh no !: If the transmission liquid changes from blackish brown to black, if there is burning smell, if it is viscous or is filled with debris, liquid exchange is necessary.

5. Check again

Check again

Insert the dipstick again and remove it again. This time, check the level of the liquid compared to the line of the dipstick. If the fluid is below the lower line, additional fluid must be added to keep the car in good condition. [Manhattan’s auto preventive repair, New York, New York]
Schedule your service appointment

If checking the transmission fluid shows that liquid exchange is necessary, please bring it to a reputable repair agent. Our service center in Manhattan’s BMW has a specialist who helps keep your car in excellent condition. If you need transmission change or other service, please contact us and schedule a reservation. That way, your car will continue to walk around Manhattan, the Bronx and Queens.


How to reset BMW computer after battery change?

How to reset BMW computer after battery change? – The electrical system of the current model of BMW is very complicated, making it as close as possible to all types and ages of batteries.

There is a computer program to operate and control the alternator. After replacing the battery, BMW’s computer should know about that change. Therefore, the software of the equipment needs to be notified from the lead storage battery to the AGM, the absorptive glass mat type for the updated vehicle, because the electric energy different from the main battery is stored.

The process of updating the computer controlled alternator is what is called battery reset. If the battery registration process has not been completed even after the battery has been charged, the DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) and (MIL) fault indicator light will not be triggered unless the computer is reset. However, it is necessary to warn the vehicle user about the risk of skipping BMW computer’s battery change, which may shorten the vehicle’s battery life. In addition, it can damage the entire components of the electrical system.

The main reason for developing a new method to reset the BMW computer after replacing the battery and adjust the charging performance is to improve the engine performance of the vehicle. The company is different from many people who think that it is intended to protect the wallet of more sales, long life battery or car owner.

How to reset BMW computer after battery change?

In many BMW car dealers, diagnostic problems have occurred in less than a year, unless the BMW computer is reset and installed after replacing the battery. The normal charging system of the vehicle reduces the lifetime of unregistered batteries and also damages the control unit by enabling aggressive battery charging especially in cold weather.

In contrast to lead-acid batteries, AGM batteries do not hold sulfuric acid freely within the casing. Instead, the acid binds to the glass of the fiber fleece. For this reason, the acid will not escape when the housing is damaged. In addition, the AGM battery is hermetically sealed to prevent water intrusion.

When you reset the BMW computer after replacing the battery, the following work is done.

Notify the computer that the new battery registration was successful
Ensure that the car battery registers 80% of the capacity as a reference point
Ensure that the reading of the current odometer is stored.

Battery available statistics such as temperature, current, voltage, charge level etc are deleted. The next version of BMW needs to reset the computer after battery replacement

  • Seven series E65 / E66 chassis since 2002
  • 2007 and the new X5 E70 chassis
  • 6 series E54 / E63 chassis since 2003
  • 2005 and the new X5 E53 chassis with N5 engine
  • 2008 and the new X6 E71 chassis
  • 2006 and the new 3 series E90 / E91 / E92 / E93 chassis
  • 5 series E60 / E61 chassis since 2004

In conclusion, you should never bet by resetting the BMW computer after replacing the battery. The procedure is cost effective and you can enjoy the pleasure of BMW cars. Many reputable BMW motor shops are equipped with training that guarantees adequate registration of automobile batteries, so manufacturer’s warranty criteria are met.


Where is the battery in a BMW X5?

Where is the battery in a BMW X5? – From the beginning, there is no doubt that the original X5’s in-vehicle battery is completely installed properly. Analyzing the testimony, it can be seen that these have a lifespan of 8 years, even 10 years, exceeding the lifetime of all commercial automotive batteries at least twice.

Where is the battery in a BMW X5

Therefore, if there is a problem with the battery, it would be much better to recharge the existing battery than to replace the new battery.

But as something happens and life can not be predicted, we will publish short questions and answers related to this issue.

Where is the BMW X5 battery?

It’s on the trunk. Lift the mat and look at the right side. Also note that under the spare wheel, you need to unscrew the plate underneath it.
If it is discharged and the trunk is blocked, how do I get access to the unit?

We are quoting solutions from experts:

To charge the battery or open the trunk, you need to connect to the car’s electrical system. Therefore, under the hood of BMW X5 there is a special terminal (pin) for connecting the external power supply (for lighting). They are located to the left of the movement direction. Terminal + is located close to the rear of the engine compartment and is covered with a red cap with a symbol +.

The terminal marked with “-” is either the nut of the left rack (large nut), or this terminal is displayed separately on the left fender liner. You can read the details manually. When you connect the power supply, the car is unlocked and you can charge or replace the battery.
How can I charge the BMW X5 battery?

Since most chargers have a shocking principle of operation, we recommend using a charger after using the charger.

The battery suddenly discharged or recently charged. First of all, we need to see the brush of the generator. Normally, that degradation does not allow charging the battery.
Which battery is right and where can you get the same battery?

For these questions, the seller who sells the battery will immediately get answers and details. There are many models, prices vary greatly from over $ 50. 7ista, Varta, Bosch are suitable.


What does BMWW stand for in cars?

What does BMWW stand for in cars? – BMW is a German distributor, motorbike, engine manufacturing company established in Munich, Bavaria, Germany in 1916.

What does BMWW stand for in cars

BMW owns a mini car and is the parent company of Rolls Royce motor car. BMW produces automobiles under the BMW Motorsport division and motorcycles under BMW Motorrad, and plug-in electric vehicles of the BMW i sub-brand and the “iPerformance” model of the usual BMW lineup. It is one of the world’s best-selling luxury car manufacturers.

The company is a component of the Euro Stoxx 50 stock index.

BMW was established as a business entity established in 1917 after the reorganization of the Rapp Motorenwerke aircraft manufacturing company. After the end of the First World War in 1918, BMW decided to stop manufacturing aircraft engines under the conditions of Versailles Armistice Treat.

As a result, the company began lifting the limitation of the treaty in 1923,

The car continued in 1928-29.

The first car that BMW successfully produced and the car that launched BMW on the road of automobile production are based on Austin 7 and were licensed Dixie from Austin Motor Company in Birmingham, England.

BMW’s first important aircraft engine, and all kinds of commercial products, was a 1918 BWW IIIa inline 6 liquid cooling engine, known for its good fuel economy and high altitude performance.

With German disarmament in the 1930s, the company again began manufacturing Luftwaw’s aircraft engines. The factory in Munich made full use of forced labor. Foreign civilians, war prisoners, incarceration concentration camp Dachau [1]. Among the successful engine designs of the Second World War were BMW 132 and BMW 801 air-cooled radial engine, and a pioneering BMW that powered “Emergency Fighter” equipped with a compact jet engine from 1944 to 1945 003 axial flow turbojet engine Heinkel He is 162 Spatz. The BMW 003 jet engine was first tested as the primary power plant in the first prototype of Messerschmitt Me 262 (Me 262 V 1), but in 1942 it replaced the standby Junkers Jumo 210 nose mounted piston engine Move to safe landing.

In the example of some Me 262 A – 1b tests built, a more highly developed 003 jet was used and recorded the official maximum speed of 800 km / h (497 mph). The first four aircraft flying so far used the BMW 003 jet as a power source in the sixth and eighth prototypes of the Arado Ar 234 jet reconnaissance bomber. In 1944 the reliability of 003 improved and became a power plant suitable for air frame design competing with Jägernotprogramm’s light fighting production contract. Heinkel He 162 Spatz design won. The BMT 003 aircraft turbojet was also considered as a basic starting point for the German armored vehicle pioneer turbo shaft power plant in 1944 – 45 as GTT 101.

Towards the end of the Third Empire, BMW developed a military aircraft project of Luftwaffe, BMW Strahlbomber, BMW Schnellbomber, BMW Strahljäger, none of which was constructed.

[In 1958, the automobile division of BMW was difficult financially, and it was decided whether the general meeting of shareholders will be held and whether to enter liquidation or find an alternative plan. We decided to continue this by trying to cash the current economic car boom that German front airplane manufacturers such as Messerschmitt and Heinkel developed so successfully. BMW bought the right to manufacture Iso Isetta in Italy. The BMW version of the small car was supposed to be powered in a modified form of the BMW motorcycle engine. It was moderately successful and helped the company return to its footsteps.

Since 1959, the dominant major shareholder of BMW Aktiengesellschaf was the Quandt family, which owns approximately 46% of the stock. The rest is open to the public.

In 1966 BMW acquired Hans Glas, based in Germany’s Dingolfing. Glas cars were easily badged until fully absorbed as BMW. It was said that this acquisition was to access the development of the timing belt Glas using the overhead camshaft, mainly in automotive applications.

The Glas’ Dingolfing factory was seen as another incentive. However, this factory became obsolete, BMW’s biggest direct benefit, according to itself, was highly qualified engineers and other personnel.

The Glas plant was able to keep building a limited number of existing models closer to BMW while adding BMW’s front and rear axle manufacturing.

In 1992, BMW acquired a major stock of Industrial Design Studio Design Globals USA based in California, which we completely acquired in 1995. In 1994 BMW British Rover Group.

(At the time, TheRover, Land Rover, MG brand, the right to abolish brands including Austin and Morris), it had been owned for 6 years. By 2000, Rover had suffered great losses, so BMW decided to sell combines. The MG and Rover brands were sold to the Phoenix Consortium and became MG Rover, and Land Rover was taken over by Ford. BMW, on the other hand, had the right to build a new Mini that was released in 2001.

Chief designer Chris Bangle announced that he left the BMW in February 2009 after working for the design team for about 17 years.

He was superseded by Adrian Van Hooydonk, a former right-hand man of Bangle. The bangle was known for its innovative designs, such as the 7 series in 2002 and the Z4 in 2002. In July 2007, the production rights of Husqvarna Motorcycles were purchased by BMW and reported as 93 million euros. BMW Motorrad will continue to operate Husqvarna Motorcycles as another company. All development, sales, production activities, and the current labor force remain at the current site of Varese.

In June 2012, BMW was selected by Forbes as number one in the world’s most popular enterprise.

The ranking is based on aspects such as purchasing motivation, recommendation, motivation to work, enthusiasm for investing in companies, only 60% in recognition of companies, 40% in recognition of products.


What does DTC mean BMW?

What does DTC mean BMW?

Dynamic traction control (DTC) enables sports style driving dynamics even when the wheel traction is higher, even when the DSC is controlling stability.

What does DTC mean BMW?

Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) is a subfunction of the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) system that can be turned on and off. DTC has two main uses, regulating traction, enabling sports style driving, and providing active stability control.

If the front wheels are clogged in the snow and can not be rotated properly, the DSC will slip on the rear wheels (faster than the front wheels, signs that generally outperformed the performance) and the DSC will change the engine output. The force required to move forward is reduced. Switching to the DTC has a positive impact on this situation as the traction power is improved without loss of power.

If the DTC is on, the driver helps to relieve the situation so that DSC measures are effective. The driver completely controls the vehicle.


How to open BMW hood

How to open BMW hood? – You will withdraw the BMW food release, but the food will not open. It is not common for BMW’s hood to clog. There are several reasons why the BMW hood is clogged up. In this article we will look at the common problems left behind. Owners of BMW often experience problems with one side of the food latch. This is often caused by cable stretching for that particular latch. In this case, the food release does not pull the hood latch as much as necessary.

Let’s look at some of the most common problems that cause the BMW hood not to open.

How to open a BMW hood?

How to open a BMW hood?

There are several different food latch designs. The most common thing is to pull on the food release under the dashboard and release the hood from the front. The new BMW model does not have a food release under the bonnet, but you just need to withdraw the bonnet food release twice.
BMW will not open

If the BMW hood does not open, it may be one of the following causes.

  • Damaged hood latch release
  • The BMW hood cable is rusty
  • Release of broken plastic under hood
  • Misalignment hood
  • If the hood is open on only one side, stretched cable

Remove the wheel liner and touch the hood release cable. Using a wire hanger, touch the food release and pull it. Please use the rod to press the hood latch. The last option is to carefully remove the BMW grille and access the latch through the kidney grill opening.

Troubleshooting BMW hood does not open

The first step in troubleshooting that can not open the BMW hood is to bring back all food releases. Please make sure you withdraw the food release twice. For some BMW models, you need to pull the hood twice to unlock the hood. bmw hood attached

If the problem still persists, try pressing the hood as the helper pulls on the food release. If you pull the food release under the dash, please pop up the hood.

Next, check the hood lever cable. If the cable jumps out of the release, you can not remove the latch of the hood because the cable is not pulled. The cable may jump out of the bonnet hood latch channel. bmw food latch unhooked

If the hood is released on one side but not released on the other side, the cable to the latch is broken, the cable is stretched, or the cable is sliding down the latch. The following figure shows the appearance of the cable. This is the place where you can slide out of the latch. Where the cable slides out of the latch.

Where the cable slides out of the latch

The cable under the hood is divided by two cables in the box next to the fender. Open this box and make sure that the cable is not connected. BMW hood will not open

Finally, check the release of the front of the hood. It is often broken or clogged due to rust. In that case, please use the wire hanger to unlock the hood. bmw food release

If you can not get the hood to open the last resort, remove the BMW hood grill and access the latch and cable through the grill.

After opening the hood, please check the operation of the cable. If the cable is not easily pulled or if you do not move the latch, the cable may be damaged. Spray penetrated oil and lubricate the corroded parts. Otherwise, the position of the hood may be out of alignment.


How to jumpstart a BMW

How to jumpstart a BMW – The BMW service center in New Jersey has a how-to list in case the car’s battery runs out and the car needs to be started. There is no fun time to leave your car’s battery dead, but if you have these useful instructions you can immediately protect yourself from the jam.

Always keep jumper cables and / or power packs in the vehicle at all times to get started. This allows you to connect with vehicles to help fellow drivers and friends start jumping off.

How to jumpstart a BMW

Before jumping your car, there are few precautions you should take. If you remove metallic objects from the battery and get caught on moving parts, please loosen clothing. Avoid fire, avoid smoke and make sure that headlight and all electronic equipment are turned off. Also, please remove the key from the ignition.

Please start your BMW from our NJ BMW service center

Since the two cars are next to each other, they are approaching but not in contact with each other. Open the hood. The jumper cable should comfortably reach both vehicle batteries.

Connect the first end of the positive lead of RED to the positive terminal of the running battery. Do the same for the opposite side of the dead battery lead.
Connect the negative lead of BLACK to the negative terminal of the running battery. Attach the opposite end to a metal point such as a bolt or bracket and separate it from the missing battery (Note: the car has a negative jump start pole – it can be confirmed with the car’s handbook) .

Make sure that the lead wire is separated from the moving parts, and start the engine of the work vehicle.

After about 1 minute, try starting the car with a dead battery. If that does not work, please make it longer. However, please turn off the engine when the lead becomes hot.

After running the car, leave the engine for a few minutes to charge the battery.
Remove in the reverse order to the way you installed the jump lead. Take care not to touch it or touch the metal surface. Then, drive for at least 30 minutes or leave the engine running.

BMW dealer to provide services to NJ

If the engine does not start yet after this, this is a sign of a bigger problem. At Park Ave BMW, a knowledgeable and friendly service staff will help you locate the exact problem by looking at your BMW and return to the road in a timely manner. Our roadside service is available 24 hours a day by New Zealand’s BMW drivers and you can always help locally jump start from gas, lockout & flat tires. Please call us at 201-481-0301. We’ll be expecting you.

Dead batteries can happen for a variety of reasons, but with these tips you can start flying and help the necessary colleagues. If you want to check your battery, need a new battery, or if you want to see if your car is running smoothly, the service will be further enhanced at Park Ave BMW! If you want to know details or want to schedule appointments, please call us at 201-843-4999.



デトロイト – フォード・モーターは、車の裏側のスケッチを通じて、今後のムスタングの影響を受けたバッテリーと電気のクロスオーバーを最初に見てきました。


最高経営責任者(CEO)のジム・ハケット(Jim Hackett)を抱えるデザインスタジオの中で、フォーブスと最初に共有したティーザー画像には、ムスタングの3つの棒のテールランプが付いた暗いシルエットが特徴です。屋根は標準のポニーカーより高いです。

フォードは、300マイル以上の距離を持つ車は2020年に出るだろう、と述べた。車の詳細は疎であった。フォードはもともと「マッハ1」という名前を浮かべていたが、Automotive Newsは先月、自動車メーカーがそのモニカに固執する可能性は低いと報じた。


フォードのエジソングローバル製品開発ディレクター、ダレン・パーマー(Darren Palmer)は、フォーブスのストーリーが公開された後の木曜日、ブログ記事で「ステークスは高い」と語った。 「私たちは将来の軌道を描くことを任されており、チームエジソンはその挑戦に応えています」


フォードの製品と購入上司であるHau Thai-Tangは、今年の初めに、中国への団体旅行の後、デザインチームがクロスオーバーに遅れをとったことを明らかにした。顧客は大きなサイズが気に入ったことに気付いた後、インフォテイメントディスプレイ画面を拡大することにした他の車両。




Source: http://www.autonews.com/article/20180906/OEM04/180909859/2020-ford-mustang-crossover