How to jumpstart a BMW

How to jumpstart a BMW – The BMW service center in New Jersey has a how-to list in case the car’s battery runs out and the car needs to be started. There is no fun time to leave your car’s battery dead, but if you have these useful instructions you can immediately protect yourself from the jam.

Always keep jumper cables and / or power packs in the vehicle at all times to get started. This allows you to connect with vehicles to help fellow drivers and friends start jumping off.

How to jumpstart a BMW

Before jumping your car, there are few precautions you should take. If you remove metallic objects from the battery and get caught on moving parts, please loosen clothing. Avoid fire, avoid smoke and make sure that headlight and all electronic equipment are turned off. Also, please remove the key from the ignition.

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Since the two cars are next to each other, they are approaching but not in contact with each other. Open the hood. The jumper cable should comfortably reach both vehicle batteries.

Connect the first end of the positive lead of RED to the positive terminal of the running battery. Do the same for the opposite side of the dead battery lead.
Connect the negative lead of BLACK to the negative terminal of the running battery. Attach the opposite end to a metal point such as a bolt or bracket and separate it from the missing battery (Note: the car has a negative jump start pole – it can be confirmed with the car’s handbook) .

Make sure that the lead wire is separated from the moving parts, and start the engine of the work vehicle.

After about 1 minute, try starting the car with a dead battery. If that does not work, please make it longer. However, please turn off the engine when the lead becomes hot.

After running the car, leave the engine for a few minutes to charge the battery.
Remove in the reverse order to the way you installed the jump lead. Take care not to touch it or touch the metal surface. Then, drive for at least 30 minutes or leave the engine running.

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If the engine does not start yet after this, this is a sign of a bigger problem. At Park Ave BMW, a knowledgeable and friendly service staff will help you locate the exact problem by looking at your BMW and return to the road in a timely manner. Our roadside service is available 24 hours a day by New Zealand’s BMW drivers and you can always help locally jump start from gas, lockout & flat tires. Please call us at 201-481-0301. We’ll be expecting you.

Dead batteries can happen for a variety of reasons, but with these tips you can start flying and help the necessary colleagues. If you want to check your battery, need a new battery, or if you want to see if your car is running smoothly, the service will be further enhanced at Park Ave BMW! If you want to know details or want to schedule appointments, please call us at 201-843-4999.


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