How to open BMW hood

How to open BMW hood? – You will withdraw the BMW food release, but the food will not open. It is not common for BMW’s hood to clog. There are several reasons why the BMW hood is clogged up. In this article we will look at the common problems left behind. Owners of BMW often experience problems with one side of the food latch. This is often caused by cable stretching for that particular latch. In this case, the food release does not pull the hood latch as much as necessary.

Let’s look at some of the most common problems that cause the BMW hood not to open.

How to open a BMW hood?

How to open a BMW hood?

There are several different food latch designs. The most common thing is to pull on the food release under the dashboard and release the hood from the front. The new BMW model does not have a food release under the bonnet, but you just need to withdraw the bonnet food release twice.
BMW will not open

If the BMW hood does not open, it may be one of the following causes.

  • Damaged hood latch release
  • The BMW hood cable is rusty
  • Release of broken plastic under hood
  • Misalignment hood
  • If the hood is open on only one side, stretched cable

Remove the wheel liner and touch the hood release cable. Using a wire hanger, touch the food release and pull it. Please use the rod to press the hood latch. The last option is to carefully remove the BMW grille and access the latch through the kidney grill opening.

Troubleshooting BMW hood does not open

The first step in troubleshooting that can not open the BMW hood is to bring back all food releases. Please make sure you withdraw the food release twice. For some BMW models, you need to pull the hood twice to unlock the hood. bmw hood attached

If the problem still persists, try pressing the hood as the helper pulls on the food release. If you pull the food release under the dash, please pop up the hood.

Next, check the hood lever cable. If the cable jumps out of the release, you can not remove the latch of the hood because the cable is not pulled. The cable may jump out of the bonnet hood latch channel. bmw food latch unhooked

If the hood is released on one side but not released on the other side, the cable to the latch is broken, the cable is stretched, or the cable is sliding down the latch. The following figure shows the appearance of the cable. This is the place where you can slide out of the latch. Where the cable slides out of the latch.

Where the cable slides out of the latch

The cable under the hood is divided by two cables in the box next to the fender. Open this box and make sure that the cable is not connected. BMW hood will not open

Finally, check the release of the front of the hood. It is often broken or clogged due to rust. In that case, please use the wire hanger to unlock the hood. bmw food release

If you can not get the hood to open the last resort, remove the BMW hood grill and access the latch and cable through the grill.

After opening the hood, please check the operation of the cable. If the cable is not easily pulled or if you do not move the latch, the cable may be damaged. Spray penetrated oil and lubricate the corroded parts. Otherwise, the position of the hood may be out of alignment.


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