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BMW introduces intelligent personal assistant information system

When the car changes to a computer with wheels, the communication with people changes. Dashboard buttons and buttons are replaced by high-definition artificial intelligence supercomputers.


On Thursday, BMW introduced Intelligent Personal Assistant. Intelligent Personal Assistant is an AI support system that helps the driver communicate with the vehicle just like a smartphone.

The evolving technology platform to be released next year is a smart digital character that can control car navigation, navigation, and entertainment.

Mercedes · Benz has announced similar AI-based support technology in the next generation multimedia system. This year Mercedes Benz and MBUX user experience will appear in the new A-class sedan.

Dieter May, the Digital Group Director of the BMW Group, says that value creation in the automotive industry is changing from in-vehicle power transmission to digital experience.

“In automatic operation, it will accelerate because there are lots of time in the car,” said May. “The interior of the car changes completely, and digital can provide a great experience for differentiation from our competitors.”

In-car aid saves time and makes the driving experience more convenient, said Autotrader analyst Brian Moody.

The content of IHS Markit
Market Trends and Technical Trend Report
The user experience is currently the point to distinguish between car manufacturers. As technology is democratized, the design and implementation of information systems for entertainment, safety, and comfort are the most important tasks.
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“Today, the true luxury of life is time and convenience,” Moody says.

“Hey, BMW”

With advanced speech recognition, cloud computing, AI technology, high-speed computing, the entertainment system is as powerful and powerful as possible.

BMW’s intelligent assistant responds at the “Hey, BMW” prompt, using an understanding of the natural language that helps the driver and passengers visually interact with the car.

“We are not talking about voice commands that we know from the past,” he said in May. “It will build a digital character that you can interact with. The digital character exchanges more with BMW so that you use the car.”

The intelligent wizard learns the driver installation options and can perform many autotuning functions based on nonspecial requirements.

For example, please adjust the ambient lighting, music, temperature and say “Hi, BMW, I am tired” and keep driver’s warning. “Hi, BMW, I am cold,” I reminded the assistant to raise my fever.

This technology serves as a productivity improvement tool. Synchronize with the appointment, provide instructions for the next meeting, and integrate with Microsoft Office 365 to read the email.

The assistant combines voice-activated instructors and teaches the driver about the features and functions of the car.

“In many high-end cars, there are many features that customers do not know what is available.

As time goes by, the assistant provides driving tips for better fuel economy. A warning such as a tire low-pressure warning is displayed. Send a service reminder or service schedule.

Intelligent Personal Assistant will be available as a model with a new BMW iDrive 7.0 or as part of Live Cockpit Professional.

Control driving experience

Technology promotes automobile sales among young consumers in particular.

More than half of the drivers who want to sacrifice cars, styles, brand colors to get the latest technology are the third thing that sacrifices safety. It is close to 2017 by Cox Automotive.

Moody’s Autyrader says that this is not about the functionality of the specification.

“The actual difference is about the experience, to save time, it is about convenience,” he said.

Instead of relying on third-party services such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, by developing an entertainment information platform, car manufacturers can better control the product development cycle and deep integration. More than a car.

Also, automobile manufacturers provide important user data that can not be accessed by third-party systems.

Sam Abuelsamid, senior analyst at Navigant Research says that knowing what people are doing in the car gives carmakers the opportunity to generate revenue and improve the user experience.

Intelligent entertainment information is the revenue source of automobile manufacturers that create markets for third-party applications and services, allowing drivers to find parking spaces and pay gas.

“Anyone possessing this platform can read it


10th Anniversary Fair 開催のご案内

10th Anniversary Fair 開催のご案内
投稿日時: 2016-03-05 15:06:47

つきましては、下記日程で、10th Anniversary Fair を開催いたします。
英国生まれのピュアスポーツカー「ZENOS E10」の展示会を行う予定です。

日程:2016年 3月19~21日 11:00~18:00