What type of oil does a BMW 325i use?

What type of oil does a BMW 325i use? I belong to the automotive engineering  university. I learned here:

If the viscosity of the oil is too high, the flow rate necessary for the engine will be lost (“sticking” to the orifice), the pressure of the oil will not increase. The pump may also be disassembled (a lot of effort is necessary to move the oil).

If the oil is too moist, there is no lubrication

What type of oil does a BMW 325i use?

Oil must be sufficiently moist to flow and must be sufficiently viscous to protect the engine.

Why I do not know all manufacturers (most of them) need 5W30.

We recommend 5 W 30 for 1.4 L engine of OK, 70 Bhp, 5 L 30 recommended for turbo diesel 2.0 L, 5 W 30 for 2 cylinder turbocharger gasoline engine of over 300 bhp.

Diesel fuel => 300 ° C (exhaust gas)

Gasoline => 900 ℃ (exhaust gas)

Why do they recommend the same oil?

In my opinion, the 5W 30 is a weak oil.

For ordinary cars (80-200 bhp), everyone should use at least 5W40. For those unknown, 5 represents the viscosity at cold start (0 ° C.), W represents winter, and 40 is the viscosity at 100 ° C.

0 W is recommended for temperatures of -40 ° C (or higher, not known exactly) degrees.

5 W is recommended up to -30 ° C

10 W is recommended for temperatures up to -25 ° C

We recommend 15 W for engines with high wear

High performance oil has 0 W 40 or 5 W 50 or 10 W 60. BMW recommends the Castrol Edge Sport Titanium 10W 60 for the M model.


This is because when the car is actively driven (at high rpm), it provides extra protection and lubrication. This is a 3.0 L gasoline engine, meaning that if you actively drive, the oil is not enough and the engine consumes.

I am using 10W60 sports with a 1.6L gasoline engine on the Audi A3 but after 5500 rpm the sound is good and the response is good and there was no problem at the last 30 thousand kilometers.

I am using 5W 30. To maintain my warranty is a new car, but after that I will use the performance oil. It gives more lubricant and lubrication is the life of the engine.

This is easy. BMW has specific regulations and standards for oil demand.

First of all, we need the correct weight (or thickness). With this car, BMW recommends 5w 30 oil. As this is a common oil, it must be easy to find the oil for your car.

Secondly, the correct requirement is needed. This means that you need to check how BMW works with the engine and what quality oil additives are included in the oil. For this car, BMW needs oil quality of “LL – 01”. When buying oil, please look at the “Meet the BMW LL – 01” bottle. If you find this in a bottle, you should go!

Castrol is a good choice

Castrol is a good choice

If there is excessive oil consumption, please make it slightly thicker (0 W 30 in case of ideal engine, 0 W 40 in case of small quantity of oil lacking engine). If you live in hot weather you can also use 5W instead of 0W.

If you use other things, please confirm that you are approved by BMW LL. (For example, BMW LL 04).


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