Where is the battery in a BMW X5?

Where is the battery in a BMW X5? – From the beginning, there is no doubt that the original X5’s in-vehicle battery is completely installed properly. Analyzing the testimony, it can be seen that these have a lifespan of 8 years, even 10 years, exceeding the lifetime of all commercial automotive batteries at least twice.

Where is the battery in a BMW X5

Therefore, if there is a problem with the battery, it would be much better to recharge the existing battery than to replace the new battery.

But as something happens and life can not be predicted, we will publish short questions and answers related to this issue.

Where is the BMW X5 battery?

It’s on the trunk. Lift the mat and look at the right side. Also note that under the spare wheel, you need to unscrew the plate underneath it.
If it is discharged and the trunk is blocked, how do I get access to the unit?

We are quoting solutions from experts:

To charge the battery or open the trunk, you need to connect to the car’s electrical system. Therefore, under the hood of BMW X5 there is a special terminal (pin) for connecting the external power supply (for lighting). They are located to the left of the movement direction. Terminal + is located close to the rear of the engine compartment and is covered with a red cap with a symbol +.

The terminal marked with “-” is either the nut of the left rack (large nut), or this terminal is displayed separately on the left fender liner. You can read the details manually. When you connect the power supply, the car is unlocked and you can charge or replace the battery.
How can I charge the BMW X5 battery?

Since most chargers have a shocking principle of operation, we recommend using a charger after using the charger.

The battery suddenly discharged or recently charged. First of all, we need to see the brush of the generator. Normally, that degradation does not allow charging the battery.
Which battery is right and where can you get the same battery?

For these questions, the seller who sells the battery will immediately get answers and details. There are many models, prices vary greatly from over $ 50. 7ista, Varta, Bosch are suitable.


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